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So, here’s the deal.

We laugh a lot in this family.  We are seldom serious, unless I suppose the hubby forgets my birthday or doesn’t take out the trash.  Because I’m not super jovial when those things happen.  And he’s never reallllllly forgotten my birthday.  More like, handed me a wad of cash and told me to buy myself ‘something really nice.’

Um, yeah.  My sentiments exactly.

He claims he suffered a major lapse in judgement.  Trace Adkins got word of it during a visit to the radio station and seemed a bit surprised, saying even he ‘has never handed his wife a wad of cash.’ Trace almost felt sorry for the hubby.

Guess who didn’t?

But, I’m not bitter.  Disclaimer:  Hubby is a good guy.  Does the dishes, the kids’ laundry and buys my Starbucks every Saturday and Sunday.

Anyway, over the weekend, our beloved dog was on our rug as we watched football, posing in a way we all hope no young lady ever poses.

I snapped a photo.


Yet it doesn’t end there.  My husband felt some weird need to try to recreate our dog’s pose, getting down on the rug and, well…you get the idea.


I couldn’t help but laugh.  The kids busted out in giggles.  Not that he will be putting the photo on his Linkedin profile any time soon, yet we loved it.  That’s our family in a nutshell.

It’s what we do.  It’s who we are.

And I wouldn’t trade it for anything.