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halloween 3

Last week, I found myself invited to a Halloween-themed costume party with no costume to wear.

It was a weeknight, I hadn’t given much thought to what I should wear and figured I would work it out soon enough.  Soon enough ended up being 45 minutes before the start of the party. So I did what everyone else does in this situation:

Ran to my computer in a panic and googled ‘Last-Minute Unique Costumes.’

And chose this…

halloween 1

I’m the one in the middle.  Can you figure out what I’m supposed to be?

It required two things.  A formal dress, which I had in my closet.  And a framed piece of paper that can be made on your computer which reads ‘I’M SORRY.’

It was a hit at the party and cost me NOTHING.  I literally put this together in five minutes.

Still not sure?  Take another look.

halloween 2

Most figured it out within the first couple of minutes:  I went as a Formal Apology. The best part?

No face paint to wash off when I returned home.  Happy Halloween!