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dice five

Trying to have a conversation with a teen or pre-teen these days is like trying to unhook the stupid carts that forever appear stuck together at the grocery store.

It takes some effort.

So, I’m making it easier for you.  Here are the latest terms I’ve discovered after asking, bugging, my 12-year-old when hearing them used in conversation with his friends or younger brother.

1.  Awko-Taco:  Another word for ‘awkward.’  He used it to describe a girl who gave him a compliment at school.  I told him it was a nice gesture, yet he thought it was weird. Or, in his case, awko-taco.

2.  Swaggaroni and Cheese:  You first must know the word ‘swag’ to figure out this new entree.  Swag means you have that ‘IT’ factor, you are hip, cool, awesome and ‘in.’  So, you can imagine my surprise when my son and his buddy asked me to make some swaggaroni and cheese.  Only kids can come up with this stuff.  They got plain ol’ Kraft, by the way.

3.  Dude:  This is what kids call each other, even though I’m certain they all have names.  Dude is apparently the lazy way around using John or Austin or Kendall.  Because, dude, that would be too difficult.

4.  Pantsed:  This one blows my mind.  My younger son ran in to the house last night saying, ‘Brother just pantsed me.’  HUH?  He went on to explain (as though I’m a total moron for not knowing) that it means to jokingly grab one’s athletic shorts, hoping to show their underwear.  Okay, not the most mature of activities.  I later found out from my oldest that younger brother failed to mention he had done it first to HIM.  Back to the actual word, didn’t we call this ‘DE-Pantsing’ back in the day?  I tried correcting them, because they care so much about grammar, yet they exchanged glances then burst out laughing, saying ‘Oh, Mommmm.’

5. Gas Pedal:  Evidently, this is some sort of dance.  My oldest and his buddy chose to do the gas pedal in the middle of the candy aisle at Walgreens last weekend, and were oblivious to the fact that we were in public.  So, I walked out to the car and acted like they belonged to someone else.  Wouldn’t you?

gas pedal dance

There you go.  Let’s hear it for being hip and in-the-know parents! Or something like that.

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photo credit: @Doug88888 via photopin