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We all have addictions.

I consider mine to be both harmless and dangerous.  They don’t really affect others, and do no REAL damage to myself, yet they eat up time and possible contributions to my kids’ college funds.  Sorry, kids.

I’m talking about little things that I’m convinced I can’t life without:  Starbucks, SharkTank and twitter.  I love all three, and find that time is easily lost when engaging in the latter 2.  For my husband, who doesn’t drink coffee and doesn’t get why I need, crave, turn in to an unflattering person without my Venti nonfat white mocha with 4 pumps and light whipped cream, it makes zero sense.  To his credit, I can see how ridiculous it appears.  Because he hasn’t crossed over.

Starbucks is like a cult to me.  I wake up excited to make my first purchase, (I’ve limited myself to one per day), and love the entire experience.  I love the aroma when I walk inside.  Love the logo and the way the paper sleeve feels in my hand.  Love everything BUT the $5 pricetag, though I got over it real quick.  My hubby argues that the coffee is overpriced and is money that could certainly be put to good use elsewhere.  He’s right.  He did the math, and it looks like this:

1 cup of coffee @ $4.96 X 365 days a year X 9 years=$16,293.60


I can’t even argue my case.  In 9 years, I drank over $16,000!  However, the alternative would be a moody wife.  Certainly worth 16 grand, I’m betting.  And seeing that dollar amount changes nothing.  I love Starbucks so much that I receive gift cards for Christmas and birthdays, have a Starbucks ornament for my Christmas tree, received stock in Starbucks from my family, my kids can order my drinks verbatim, and I book hotels for vacations based on who has a Starbucks in their lobby.

Understatement of the Year:  I’m hooked.

And then there’s SharkTank.  The show that has taught me how to spend days on the couch while glued to your laptop.  One particular Saturday several weeks back, the kids were gone for the day and rather than do laundry or chores, I devoted 6 hours…SIX…to watching countless episodes of Sharktank on Hulu.

Help me now.

Seriously, I was parked in the same spot on the same couch from 10 am until 4 pm.  Inspired by the stories featured on the show, I couldn’t turn it off.  My husband eventually asked me to stand up very carefully in case the couch cushion came with me.  Very funny, that guy.  I love the show, the sharks, the opportunities it allows the average person and how their lives dramatically change.  I watch episodes on my phone, tape ones that I have to miss & may or may not have rushed through dinner to be home by start time.  I asked my dear hubby to tape the episode I would miss while attending the Taylor Swift concert, he forgot, and I threw a fit similar to a kid who is told he can’t have money for the ice cream truck.  It went something like:  ‘What do you mean you forgot?  You FORGOT?  I have to wait a whole 24 hours to watch it on Hulu? My life is OVERRRRRR!’

I have a problem.

And then there’s twitter.  I’ll admit, I didn’t get twitter at first.  It seemed odd to me.  ‘What’s the point?’ I asked myself two years ago.  Then I returned for a second try back in December and I’ve been tweeting ever since.  It’s an easy way to stay informed about current events, my favorite people and how I communicate with listeners or readers of this blog. By the way, if you’re on twitter, I’d love to follow you!  Find me @aMomandaMic.  Problem is, anyone who tweets needs to manage their time.  When I first heard someone recommend setting a timer for 20 minutes while using social media, I dismissed it, thinking ‘What loser can’t walk away from tweeting?’ 

I’m that loser.

I’ve spent an hour or so on twitter when I should have been in bed.  I’ve tweeted from the bathtub before, from the carpool line where we are asked to shut off our engine to help cut back on pollution, and in line at the grocery store.

Worse, I just realized there are times when I do all 3 at once:  Watch SharkTank, drink Starbucks and tweet.  Might be lethal.  And then there’s my obsession with cupcakes, but that’s another post, another day.

What about you?  What attachments do you have?  And how do you manage them?

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