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 dierks shoe

Dierks Bentley is a hugely successful country artist.  It’s reasonable to say he’s making good money.  Pretty sure the guy doesn’t need a part-time job and could likely afford ANY pair of shoes he wants. 

He wears these.

Yep.  That’s the photo I snapped when we sat on Dierk’s bus before his show in Indy where he mimicked Vanna White holding the pair of shoes he’s worn since he first broke into the business.  They’ve been repaired several times at a shoe shop until the owner asked him to not bring them back.  Dierks has used duct-tape.  The sole, as you can see, is barely in tact.  Dierks says he keeps these shoes ‘solely’ for the memories.  He wore them on some of the first stages he ever performed.  To toss them out would be to toss out his past. 

I get that. 

Probably the same reason I kept my father’s last grocery receipt written in all caps that I found in his coat pocket.  Or the strip of wallpaper from his office where I grew up playing on his adding machine.  I put them in a memory box and take them out every so often.  They make me smile. 

What do YOU save?

Those shoes Dierks refuses to throw away reminded me of the time I wrote on this blog about other things I tend to keep.  I have a mountain of sentimental items from my kids that I can’t seem to part with, like the handprints my youngest made at preschool, my oldest son’s first Happy Meal toy, the first clip-on tie he wore in my sister’s wedding, and you get the idea. Some things don’t make the save pile, like my oldest son’s science fair project on Skittles, for obvious reasons, or the nail clippings from my youngest son’s first trim.

I’m sentimental, not crazy.

Years ago, I added another memento to the save storage box when my oldest child returned home from school with a poem he had written for a class assignment to describe themselves. I’ve read it at least a dozen times:


The caring, nice, gentle big brother.

Who likes to play, read, and rest.

Brings to the world his laughter and athletic skills.

Lover of caring people, playing football and Nerf gun fights.

Fears the dark and spiders.

Knows a whole lot about science, and sports, and math.

Who desperately wants to buy a cherry red Ferarri.

Who wouldn’t be caught dead eating a chili cheese dog.

And needs lots of care.

I loved this.  Sort of a reminder for a mother that I’m raising a decent human being and haven’t completely failed at parenting. 

What do YOU keep because you can’t stand to throw it away?  Leave a comment, would love to hear it!