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Could someone please tell me when we reached the point that every single aspect of our kids’ lives needs to be FAIR?  I despise that word.  Because life isn’t fair. 

Fair is my skin color.  Or the place where I sweat every August, ride the ferris wheel and eat a corn dog. 

Seems like fair is the most-often used word in my home.  I now sound like my mother with the old standard ‘Life isn’t fair‘ response to every complaint that I hear. 

Complaints like his piece of cake is bigger than mine, that’s not fair.  He gets to stay up an extra 15 minutes past bedtime?  No fair!  He got the last Kit-Kat, that’s not fair! 

Hate to break it to you kids, but nothing in life is split evenly down the middle.  Things AREN’T Fair.  And that’s okay.  Someone is always going to end up with the bigger half.  Sometimes you.  Sometimes them.  Sometimes Mom.  It’s a life fact that you need to file away in that videogamed brain of yours for later. 

For when the girl you ask out turns you down for the jerk with the big ego that treats her badly or when the job you wanted goes to someone with less experience. 

Because it will happen.

Fair is your mother NOT hiding a McFlurry cup in the trash because I know your younger brother will accuse me of playing favorites after running errands with you.  It’s okay if one of you received a sucker at the bank and the other didn’t because, hey, you chose not to go. 

Seems fair to me.

If one of you gets invited to the movies with a friend, I don’t OWE the other a box of Junior Mints.  Life doesn’t work that way.  Instead, I’ll let you sleep and eat in our home, help you with homework and do your laundry.  I will host sleepovers on occasion, get you braces and haircuts and buy your clothes and overpriced sneakers.  I will support you at every one of your sporting events and not embarrass you like other moms and dads. 

Consider yourself lucky.

So no more talk about things not being fair.  Because life isn’t.  However, your mother is.

Remember that.