This is one of my favorite posts from a few years ago, about eavesdropping on our children.  I had walked by one of the boy’s bedrooms, and spotted both kids looking down at the window.  They had apparently discovered a spider between the glass and the screen and this was the conversation:

7-yr-old: Wow, do you see that? See that baby spider? It’s trapped between your bedroom window and the screen.

4-yr-old: Awwww, hi baby spider. You’re so cuuuuuute. It’s ok baby spider. He’s probably scared because he can’t find his family.

7-yr-old: Wow, if you look really close, you can see his face. Hi spider. Isn’t that cool?

4-yr-old: Yeah, way cool. Hi baby. Hi little guy. Hi cutey spider. We’ll take care of you. Don’t worry. Awwww…

7-yr-old: Yeah, we could help free you. Let’s lift the screen and help him get out so he’s not trapped.

4-yr-old: Yeah, let’s do that. We’ll get you out, baby spider.

7-yr-old: Oh, but wait a minute. Then the spider might come in your bedroom. What will we do then?

4-yr-old: Oh…then we will KILL HIM.

Sure was nice while it lasted.