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tim mcgraw

Tim McGraw joined us on the morning show yesterday, and seemed to be in a good mood despite getting less than 6 hours of sleep. And for those inquiring, yes, it is absolutely possible to sound hot over the telephone.

Stupid phone.

Tim has a new album out called Two Lanes of Freedom, and after talking music, we asked him those questions we know you’re dying to have answered. For the record, Tim says early morning hours aren’t his thing and we won’t be trading jobs anytime soon. Can’t blame him.

Here are 4 things you should know about Tim McGraw:

1. Those skin-tight clothes are NOT an illusion. Tim agrees with our statement that he appears to be in the best shape of his life. Tim says he cross-fits for his exercise regimine, and watches what he eats 70% of the time. GOOD NEWS: Tim is no health food ninja, and allows himself to cheat a couple of times a week. ‘You can’t go a week and not have a cheeseburger.’

2. Tim puts up with zero crap. He loves his girls, but admits to being the strict one between he and his wife, Faith Hill. ‘That being said, no one listens to me,’ Tim laughed.

3. I text, you text, we ALL text. Tim McGraw texts his wife and daughters often to communicate, yet he also believes in family unity. ‘We aren’t apart that often, and spend more time together than most would think. If it means we have to fly to see each other on a regular basis, then we do it.’

4. Tim calls out Brad Paisley. A self-professed football junkie, Tim says he watched the Superbowl and enjoyed every bit of it. When told that fellow artist Brad Paisley turned the game off and went to a movie, Tim remarked: ‘Seriously? C’mon, Brad. Where’s your man card?’

And that’s 4.

What is it you like about Tim? Leave a comment below!

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