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I don’t talk a lot about this for privacy reasons, but feel compelled to speak out today about something important to me.

Some people have blonde hair. Some brunette. Some have muffin tops. I have the flattest feet you will ever see. Others have Tourette’s Syndrome.

Since it is often wrongly portrayed in the media, TS is truly unknown to many. For the majority of people, it doesn’t involve cursing vulgarities. It is not funny. And it certainly isn’t possible to ‘stop’ if one wanted to do so, despite many ignorant demands of others.

FACT: Tourette’s is a neurological disorder that causes a person to have involuntary tics.

IN-VOL-UN-TARY: Done without conscious control.

Last I checked, it does not state in the medical books that a person with Tourette’s is a ‘retard.‘ If that term is used again, this mother will likely come unglued. That’s not my better side, believe me.

Part of what makes this world so great is we all are unique. I’m okay with having a freckle on my bottom lip. I love that my son has a birthmark in his blonde hair that we discovered during his first trim as a baby. I don’t want to live in a world full of similar people.

That’s boring.

I want to live in a world that embraces acceptance. This happens by spreading the word about what we know. Information that is often misunderstood.

And by creating AWARENESS.

Just an opinion from one mother who is feeling a bit unraveled inside. Please take a moment and pass it on, while I take a moment to appreciate that I vented via this blog instead of the phone call I REALLY wanted to make. Excercising some serious self-control here.

That is all.

photo credit: zappowbang via photopin cc