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Consider this a piece of advice, and feel free to print this post off and hand it to your spouse. It’s something I discovered last night, and felt it to be worth sharing. For the sake of your marriage, please take these words to heart. Whatever you do, no matter the circumstances:


Can someone please explain to me why my husband would wake ME to tell me that HE is going to bed?

Ummm…ooookay…and I needed to know that why? I still can’t figure it out. I remember asking, or slurring, ‘Why are you telling me this?’

He responded with something about me being ungrateful and I certainly wouldn’t need breakfast since I bit his head off. I deserved that.

He called to say hello this morning and I had to laugh as I asked just why he woke me with news that it was now time for HIM to sleep. His response?

‘I guess I thought you’d want to know.’

Nope. I didn’t.

‘Well, then I guess I was thinking you would call me today and ask why I didn’t say goodnight?’

Nope. I wouldn’t.

‘Well, then…get over it,’ he said laughing.

I can do that.

Not before sharing with everyone on the world wide web. So, let’s review. When your spouse is sleeping and has 3 hours left before the alarm blasts her awake, please remember this:

No need to wake her with news that you are about to get a solid 10 hours of REM sleep, because guess what? She doesn’t care. Even better, she wouldn’t know.

Best to just assume the fetal position and drift off without a big pre-sleep announcement.

If you know what’s good for you.

That is all.

photo credit: the|G|™ via photopin cc