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It’s taken 40 years to figure out what I’m about to tell you.  Sort of a life lesson that I didn’t learn the importance of until recently.  And that is:

You should never, EVER, skip out on the following three things:

Funerals.  Weddings.  Grooming.

Not really sure where this ranks on Life’s Lesson list, though it most definitely falls in the Top 10.  This is good advice to stick in your back pocket.

And here’s why…

Funerals.  The obvious reason?  Someone DIED.  I don’t mean someone as in YOUR relative, because most would hope you were going anyway.  I’m talking about that funeral for your co-worker’s mom, your neighbor that never really waved when you drove by, or the father of that old buddy you haven’t talked to in years.  After all, will he really notice if you skip because what’s one less face?  THEY NOTICE.  Or maybe, just the opposite.  I noticed the people I hadn’t seen in years who attended my father’s viewing when he suddenly passed.  Four years later, I still recall one of my best high school friends that I hadn’t seen in years standing in the back of the line waiting to greet my family.  It was like time stood still, and I recall thinking, ‘If she only knew how much it means to see her face.’  I haven’t forgotten it to this day.  They won’t, either.

Weddings.  Everyone wants their friends and family to celebrate their big day.  Now that I’ve been married 13 years, things are more hectic than when we first moved in together as husband and wife and realized the other hogs the covers.  We have kids, sports, crazy work hours, etc.  Our priorities are different than those of a young couple just starting out, but it meant the world to me for those who had already established their lives to share in our day.  Heck, I’m at least going for the cake and a chance to wear my uncomfortable but slimming Spanx. (Confession:  I recall one wedding where I couldn’t take it any longer, excused myself to the restroom, and ditched those things in the trash.  A girl’s got to breathe!)  Plain and simple, the bride or groom invited you because they want you there.  Or maybe they shared in your wedding. Return the favor.

Grooming.  This probably could include the old mom advice of ‘Be sure to wear clean underwear,’ but I’m talking about those of us that get lazy in the colder months.  How many of us skip out on pedicures, or even, gulp, shaving, in the winter because who will see you anyway?  Be honest.  My toes on my oversized feet haven’t seen a lick of polish in two months, and I’m okay with that. Until I showed up at the doctor’s office last month to inquire about a pain in my left chest and they asked me to PUT ON A GOWN.  Huh?  Did they not just hear it’s ABOVE the waist?  Helloooooo?  I had chipped polish on my toes, and wasn’t sure if my socks even matched.  Pretty sure I made a mental note that I won’t be doing THAT again.  I drove my neglected feet to a spa and picked up carryout for dinner on my way home.

Now I’m ready to don a tacky hospital gown at a moment’s notice.  Or eat wedding cake and just suck in my stomach.  Or pay my respects to someone’s loved one, even if the kids have homework and its an hour drive from home.  Simple life rules, really.

Funerals.  Weddings.  Grooming.

And that’s 3.

Can you relate?  Share your thoughts!