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Taylor and I after an interview

With Taylor, in Indy

Two questions radio folks are often asked:

A) How early do you get up? (3 am, waaaaaaay too early for a brain to even function)


B) Who is your all-time favorite interview?

It’s hard to pick a fave, since country artists are just like any of us, but sing better. A LOT better. Here are some interesting facts I’ve collected over the years during our various interviews.


Faith Hill admits to wearing a wig when she takes her family to Disney, and husband Tim McGraw says he calls her by a different name during their visit to the parks. ‘What is it,’ I asked? ‘I can’t tell you that,’ Tim said with a grin.

Carrie Underwood says fans have followed her into Victoria’s Secret, which is ‘a little creepy’ considering she is buying underwear. I recommended shopping online.

Toby Keith says he is not a fan of Crocs, but admits to wearing a pair around the pool. He also admits to hopping in his personal tanning bed a couple of days before a photo shoot. Who knew?

Kenny Chesney says if you’re not at his Grandma’s house for the holidays, you don’t get tickets to his show. That’s how he handles the various requests from distant relatives.

When asked how Josh Turner got his great set of teeth, he told us ‘I brush em.’ Sounds simple enough.

Martina says she struggles with the guilt of being a working mom just like many other women.

John Rich says he never has and never will have his significant other on the red carpet, due to privacy.

Brad Paisley says he was once confused by the E! network for Kenny Chesney on the red carpet and never told them any differently. They don’t even look alike?

Keith Urban says if he had his choice, you would call him. He’s a fan of hearing someone’s voice over texting and emails. Sadly, he didn’t leave his number.

Taylor Swift hand-writes personal thank-you’s after each and every interview. Her Momma taught her right. I have several of my own, where she simply puts ‘Swift’ in the top left corner of the envelope, with lots of fancy squiggles inside and sometimes glitter.

It’s interesting to see the artist let their guard down, and my favorite part of the job is learning who the person is behind the image. Got a favorite from the list above or an artist you would like to know more about?

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