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I get it.

Pinterest is that really cool website where you can post creative ideas and gather tips on everything from home decor, do-it-yourself projects and what to do with those horribly tacky bridesmaid dresses we all keep because we feel bad throwing them away. How cool to have everything on one site, and be able to pin to your own online bulletin board. My sisters and most of my friends are on pinterest. I’m not.

Pinterest makes me feel like a loser.

I have visited the site a whopping 3 times. Each time, I logged off wondering where I would find an extra couple of hours to imitate Martha Stewart. A new shoe rack for my closet. A headboard for my son’s bed. Holiday decorations created from pinecones and glittery ornaments. It looked great, and I think I’m mildly creative, but I’m barely completing the basic tasks required of the average mom:

Gifts for teachers.
Switching laundry from washer to dryer. Then folding.
Figuring out how to serve my kids something other than chicken. ‘Didn’t we just have this Tuesday?’

I excel at some things. Visiting Starbucks daily. Talking on-air comes naturally for me. I pack a killer lunch for my kids to take to school. We have fun family traditions where we make each other laugh. And then there’s that list of unfinished business:

Our Christmas tree is half-decorated. The very top portion has no ornaments and certainly no star because we couldn’t find our step ladder, and well, I kept meaning to get to it. Christmas is now over. A photo of my tree won’t be featured on Good Housekeeping anytime soon, and certainly wouldn’t be pinned on Pinterest.

Our printer hasn’t been working for a couple of…brace yourselves…months. All it takes is a simple trip to the repair shop, yet I’m making trips to the local library.

We never got around to posing for our Christmas cards. Valentine’s Day greetings, anyone?

Pinterest has good intentions, and some members have aced creating their own boards, by golly. I see their hard work in creative photos they post on facebook, and wonder why I’m not doing the same. Then I figured it out.

I have Pinterest-Envy. Or maybe I suck at time-management.

Surely there are other moms like me who consider themselves lucky and possibly even award-winning to have fed their children each night and paid the mortgage. I may not have a fancy DIY-wreath on my door, but I’m making friends with the librarians, dangit. And a late fee for that book I checked out while visiting to use the printer.

I’m pretty certain I’m a lost cause, but the first step to getting help is admitting one has a problem.

My name is Deborah and I’m intimidated by Pinterest.