Well, here I am.

Sadly, I couldn’t recall my password when I tried to log in to my blog, it’s been that long since I’ve written. Rather than go in to some Charlie Sheen rant about why I haven’t had time to write, I’ll just say life has been full of hurdles.

As I tucked my youngest in to bed last night, I made a mental note to share one of the many conversations in my home that make me smile. And sometimes bang my head against a wall, but mostly smile.

I’m talking about bedtime routines.

Most kids need them, we have them, but ironically, I hate them. It’s usually a struggle to get the kids in bed during what I consider to be a reasonable hour. Last night was no different. Something always delays the process. And while there are many things I love about my 6-year-old, like his Elvis impersonations, his Beatles t-shirt, and how he tries to be helpful by collecting the mail, only to drop random pieces all the way up the drive, he is also very stubborn.

That trait makes picking out his school clothes during bedtime routine a bit challenging. I blame athletic clothing for that, since Hayden believes they should be part of his school uniform every day. And, for the record, he’s not fond of budging on this policy. I would like his teacher to think he spends at least an occasional day OFF of a basketball court. So, there we were last night, with his refusal to wear anything that doesn’t make him look like an NBA or NFL star making the unpopular bedtime routine a dreaded task.

Me: Hayden, you don’t have gym tomorrow, so we are wearing khaki shorts.

Hayden: No, Mom. Athletic!

Me: C’mon, buddy…just one day…you wore them over the summer. You can wear these, Choice A, or these, Choice B. They are just a bit different. Your call.

Hayden: Hmmmm…

Me: One more time, Choice A with the cool pockets, or these, Choice B, the darker ones.

Hayden: Ummm…I’ll pick…Choice C…ATHLETIC.

Night, Mom.