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I’m doing okay, really.  No need to order flowers.

Save those condolence cards. I’m doing just fine.

I say that because my clever little 6-year-old who will one day be voted ‘Most likely to say something unlikely’ told some classmates last week that his mom, well, kicked the bucket.

Not just died, but died THAT MORNING. How impressive that he still managed to show up for class. That’s my boy, always thinking of his education.

school bus

Unfortunately, his attempt at some not-so-funny humor resulted in a couple of girls going home and telling their parents, who then called the teacher with worry and condolences. My son told on himself, only to warn me that his teacher would be calling me to discuss it, and the phone rang before he finished his sentence. My first phone call of the year.

Hey, we didn’t want to end the school year without some fanfare. I mean, no phone call all year long? Boooooooooring.

When I explained that we won’t be falsifying family deaths anytime soon, translation, ever again, he apologized and tried changing the conversation to a different topic, grinning and asking, ‘But, didn’t you break your arm while roller-skating as a kid?’

That I did.

And by the way, you’re grounded.  What fibs have your kids told?  Share in the comments!