Not sure how it is in your family, but in mine, we like each other.

We even enjoy spending time together, rather than dreading occasional visits and hoping our relatives lose our contact information. Both of my sisters have kids, and a mere mention to my boys that we will be seeing their cousins is similar to handing them four giant-sized Hershey bars. They have a good time together, and we can easily not hear from them for hours when they disappear upstairs to ‘hang.’ That’s code for ‘whatever they do when they get together and we don’t hear from them for hours.

After our usual Mother’s Day celebration Sunday with the extended fam, it was time to call it a day and head home to tackle homework, mow perfectly straight lines in the lawn, and tuck two worn-out boys in bed.

Except they didn’t want to leave.

They love their cousins. Likewise, their cousins think they’re pretty cool. So they huddled together and playfully refused to separate, and I captured the moment with my camera. They eventually formed a kickline and giggled as my sister and I watched with grins on our faces.

Here’s to cousins. And to the hope that they will always have each other’s back.

Note: We missed 3-year-old Jackson, my nephew, in these photos. Little guy left to take a nap.