We all have things that drive us nuts. Pet peeves. Annoying habits observed from afar. Occurences that leave you unsettled. Just enough to cause you to roll your eyes, or perhaps make the day’s lunch slightly rumble in your stomach. Here’s some that made the list:

Public dental hygiene. Seeing the person next to me at the stoplight flossing on my way to grab a starbucks wasn’t too appetizing. Same can be said for the Target employee brushing her teeth in the women’s restroom.

My interest in the Real Housewives series. Sadly, I’m ashamed to say I’m a fan, yet I don’t know why. Maybe it’s disbelief that people live the way they do, or that they manage to cry in every episode. Yet, I watch. Every. Week.

Buying a new SUV for the very purpose of a DVD entertainment system for our trip to Florida, only to lose the remote. We’re the family who turned around once we reached 465 to go home and unpack the car, only to never find said remote. It was, in a nutshell, a looooooong trip.

Telemarketers. So much for a No-Call List, cause let me tell you…They Call. Sometimes more than once in the same day, and always when I’m trying to sleep. Which means I don’t.

When my husband puts me on his cellphone speaker, doesn’t tell me, then pulls thru a drive-thru. Turns out, the girl at the window heard our entire conversation. And she confirmed it when I didn’t believe him.

The smell of broccoli. Yet, I love the taste. So, serve me up a big bowl of the healthy green stuff, say…when I’m plagued with a sinus infection.

Dressing rooms. More specifically, the unflattering light and the depressed feeling when you leave the store. Nothing that a buttery pretzel at a mall kiosk can’t repair.

Box fans. Or rather, my husband’s need to place one in the path of the bathroom door at night. I’ve kicked it twice last week while leaving for work, which left me muttering a few choice words as I hurried down the stairs.

Places that only take cash. I hardly ever carry it, thanks to the convenience of the handy ol’ debit card. Plus, it’s 2011. Join the rest of us.

And finally, bathtubs. More specifically, my husband IN one. Not kidding, the man could live in there and never get out, never once phased by the shriveled-finger look. And when the water gets cold, he adds more hot. Luckily, he gets hungry every now and then.

And that’s nine, er, ten.