We like to laugh in my family.

The usual stuff…the boys pulling their shorts up over their chest and walking past our windows, my husband doing the Curley Shuffle, or the time I sported the nerdy teeth and spoke with a Southern accent, it’s all been done. (By the way, the neighbor kids have requested that one time and again.) I have funny kids, and I like that about them.

Of course, it’s safe to say every mom thinks their offspring will one day end up on stage or in the movies, and I’m no different. And I would almost bet money on that prediction when it comes to my 6-year-old. He’s more than funny in a silly way, he has impeccable timing with his one-liners and just when you think he’s done, here he comes with another one. Which brings us to Saturday, when he began to change his clothes in front of me:

Me: Buddy, you need to change in your room…it’s not appropriate for me to see your privates.

Him: Why NOT? You already know what they look like.

Me: Hayden!

Him: Not only that, but I’ve seen your boobs.