It’s a new year.

New things to do, new friends to see, and new memories to make.

Funny how with each new endeavor, thoughts of my father return and I wish he was here to share it with me. To tell him about Greg’s job that he loves, the kids shirtless wrestling matches, or that I found our cordless phone folded up in a blanket. And so as I watched Hayden dress in his Elvis costume, followed by a mini-performance in our living room, I wondered what Dad would have said about his grandson with the curled lip and gold sunglasses. Hayden noticed I was lost in his thought, and here’s the rest:

Him: Mom, what…you’re not watching!

Me: I was buddy…I just thinking about your Papaw.

Him: Yeah, I miss Papaw too. He was the best.

Me: You wanna see a photo of him? I keep it in my room. It’s of me, Papaw Mike and Mamaw Charlotte on vacation.

Him: (Taking a glance) Ummm, what’s up with Mamaw’s hair? It looks weird.

And off he went.