It’s back to work today.

My first day of work in 2011 has not gone accordingly, and for no other reason than I expected it to. I’m out of sorts. Not on a routine. A bit discombobulated. And hey, how often do we get to use THAT word?

Here’s the lowdown, in a nutshell, and keep in mind the day’s not over:

I was awakened by one of my sons who simply couldn’t sleep, about an hour before my alarm was set to blare, later arrived at work to find my keyboard and computer mouse locked up, so I scrambled to search news on my cellphone, noticed I was leaning to the left due to an uneven chair, grabbed my coffee in the drive-thru at Starbucks and was given a half-filled cup, though they certainly didn’t charge me half the price, my resolution for the new year to no longer say the phrase ‘Long story short’ was broken during the first ten minutes of the show, as I caught myself repeating those very words to the guys, and despite the mental note at 10 pm to bring my cell phone charger to work, I forgot it.

Let’s hear it for Tuesdays!