Well, howdy strangers.

I was given a friendly reminder that I’m overdue on posts, and well, I’m overdue on posts. Wish I had something creative to offer regarding my absence, like I forgot my password to this site or I’ve been trapped in tangled Christmas lights, but I got nothin. Instead, life just got busy.

I’ve missed writing.

It brings satisfaction to the end of my day, and I’ve made a point of pocketing daily observations to eventually share, including when my 5-year-old asked Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard last week if ‘he had a girlfriend.’ His response eased my humiliation: ‘Well, if I do, I’d better not tell my wife.‘ Let’s hear it for the Mayor’s sense of humor.

Changing the channel, Thanksgiving came and went, happy to be with family, but a family that is incomplete without my father. Memories of dad were fondly recalled as we decorated our tree over the weekend. My son handed me an ornament with a photo of my father inside. He kissed Dad’s face, saying ‘I miss you, Papaw,’ yet tears were quickly dried by Greg’s frustration over the concept of a prelit tree, as in 900 lights, with 600 that work. My husband suddenly channeled a little Clark Griswold, slightly losing his sanity as he ranted about the two dark sections of our tree and threatening to throw the entire thing in the trash. I propose these prelit trees actually be called ‘Prelit: But you’ll still add lights, Moron.’ Seems fitting, don’t ya think?

So, we’re the house with the tree that doesn’t light up in the middle, at least for now.

Happy Holidays.