Hard to believe its been so long since I’ve written. Certainly strayed from my usual goal of writing a post a day.

Been busy with life and living it.

Just needed to tend to things that demanded my attention. The usual necessities, like getting suckered in to bringing McDonalds to my 5-year-old for school lunch, listening to my husband repeatedly ask me to get a carwash, and replacing that roll of toilet paper I kept forgetting. All equally important. Over the past three weeks, I’ve discovered a few things. And they are:

Your stomach feels flatter when you don’t eat after 7 pm.

The tooth fairy still visits even though a child ends up sleeping in his Mom and Dad’s bed.

Holding hands with your husband in downtown Chicago can cause your 5-year-old to say in repetition, ‘You’re embarrassing me!’

A husband who says his wife’s purse could double as a gym bag will, oddly enough, ask her to hold all of his crap.

Boys don’t like to shop unless the store has an escalator.

Those dividers between a taxi cab’s seats would be nice in the family car. Road trip, anyone?

It is possible to overcook asparagus.

And finally, get a carwash before your spouse asks if you can swing it before Christmas.