Toby Keith visited with the show this week! Here’s the skinny:

Toby has never, not even once, seen the likes of American Idol, Survivor or Dancing with the Stars. But, he’s not interested in putting on his dancing shoes.

Toby carries an average of $400-500 bucks in his wallet on any given day. And he’s a fan of plastic.

Toby was letting his beard grow out, and refused to trim it until his wife stopped nagging at him to shave. When she stopped, he grabbed the razor. This went on for over a month.

Toby coaches his son’s football team 3 days a week, in his ‘free’ time.

That same son wears a size 13 shoe, and can often be found swiping Toby’s cool shoes from his closet. Yes, they share.

And that’s cinco.