Billy Currington visited with us last week.

Besides the fact that I could easily be President of his fan-club, or a stalker, not sure which, I learned some things I didn’t know about the shy Mr. Currington. So, here’s 5 things that may tickle your fancy:

Billy runs barefoot. As in 11 miles barefoot…on pavement. Ouch.

Billy is homeless. No home. No apartment. Just hotels, busses, or crashing ‘at a buddy’s place.‘ Plus, a few storage units.

Forget the suitcase, Billy tours with a backpack. Talk about low-maintenance.

Don’t look for Billy to try his luck on Dancing with the Stars. He says it looks too difficult and he’d be an easy target for laughs.

Finally, Billy is no hoarder. (Doesn’t have a place to put it!) He says he’s seen the show, and is quite the opposite, with a former roomie once telling him, ‘This ain’t gonna work. You can’t be THIS neat.’