Did a marathon grocery run the other night.

One of those nights when bedtime is approaching, so I literally do a sweep of the store, grabbing anything that looks remotely close to what’s on my list. Jelly, but no time to search for my favorite Blackberry flavor, bottled water but not the ones on sale since I don’t have seconds to spare looking, and you get the idea. All that’s missing is my running pants and an ipod, it’s that quick.

The store employees must think I’m a maniac though I don’t waste time looking, after nearly crashing my cart through the Twinkie display and self-checking my own items quicker than the chick at register 4.

And would you believe I actually get a kick out of trips like these? Something inside me sort of enjoys adrenaline-shopping, as if my life is really that boring. I promise it’s not. I just work better under pressure. Kinda like the days I get to work early, and get nothing done. As in, absolutely nothing. The extra time will instead be spent engaging in a Jim and Kevin gabfest, and then it’s showtime, and guess who vows to sleep in the next morning?

Back to my grocery aerobics, I threw things in the pantry upon arriving home and realized in my rush that I purchased Crunchy Peter Pan, as opposed to its Creamy rival. I loved Crunchy PB as a child, so yay for me. My hurried approach paid off.

It’s how I roll.