Kids running barefoot around Chick-fil-A on Kids’ Night. Free meals and a No Shoes policy in the play area shouldn’t mean dirty piggies on a restaurant floor. Not too appetizing.

The toaster that went missing at work. That frozen whole-grain waffle does nothing for the taste buds as it thaws over a three-hour period.

The constant calls for ‘Phillip’ on my work cell. You’d think after a few months, these people would get that he’s not answering. Or here. Or even within reach, so no, I can’t take a message.

High heels you can barely walk in. When it looks as though you’re desperate to get to a bathroom, what’s the point?

How I survived 30 years without Starbucks? Pretty much self-explanatory.

At drive-thrus, why…after I say, ‘A large diet, and that’s all,‘ will they still say, ‘Okay, anything else?‘ Never fails.

My husband using more bubble bath than I do in a year. And…

admitting it.