Not sure about you, but something tells me I need a break.

To put it mildly, I made a complete fool of myself at Starbucks during my daily trip for the usual caffeine needed to keep me from slurring my words during the show. It’s a routine I can do with my eyes closed, though I won’t since it requires driving up to a window. The routine is nothing out of the ordinary.



Brief wait.

Leave with beloved drink in hand.

Until this morning. I ordered the very same drink, same size, to the same barista, pulled up in the same car, handed him the same debit card.

Just as I put my card back in my wallet, I turned back toward the window, only to find Dave, the friendly barista, leaning out with my beverage, which caused me to jump out of my skin and scream loudly.

Appreciate the prompt service, but I wasn’t expecting my drink to be ready so quickly, or even for a recognizable face to be lurking so closely.

He got a good laugh, and I…well, I’m looking forward to a few days off.

Maybe I’ll go inside next time.