Here’s the lowdown on Regis, and the co-hosting gig.

They asked for a second video, so I sent it Sunday. The Top 10 will be announced on LIVE! with Regis and Kelly Monday. You can keep sending in your comments here.

I’ve heard someone jumped out of a plane for their pitch tape, and that’s just not going to happen on my end. I can barely fly IN a plane, without holding the hand of a stranger next to me, true story, and who knew the seatbelt actually fits over your lap while curled up in the fetal position? Peanuts? No thanks. More like valium.

At any rate, whatever the outcome, it’s been fun. It’s also been ALL that my 5-year-old wants to talk about, as in ‘Hi, Regis!,‘ repeated a minimum of 20 times daily after hearing me say it on the tape. He knows he’s driving me nuts, responding with ‘Hi, Regis!’ when I tell him it’s time for a shower, or I am greeted with ‘Hi, Regis!’ as I bring in groceries from my car.

He smirks and bats his lashes for effect.

Or he uses it to get out of trouble. Like when he told his dad he had hairy armpits, I shot him a look, to which he responded with a grin…

‘Hi, Regis!’

It’s gonna be a long week.