Learned something new yesterday.

I’d been reviewing videos to send in to LIVE with Regis and Kelly for the possible co-hosting gig next month. A two-minute video from the semifinalists is required, about long enough for me to say hello, laugh, snort, goodbye.

Sounds like a winner, eh? (By the way, you can vote here by clicking LIKE on LIVE with Regis and Kelly’s facebook page and leaving a comment!)

While doing this, our 5-year-old blurted out, ‘Hey Mom, will Selena Gomez be a granny when I’m old enough to marry?’


No, not a grandmother, but a young adult, I told him as I tried to explain the age difference Here’s the rest of that conversation:

Me: She won’t be a granny, but she will be an adult. A mom, perhaps. Like me. Why you asking?

Him: Cause I’m gonna marry her.

Me: Oh well, maybe not. She’s a bit older, buddy.

Him: Yes, I am!

Me: Honey…she’s about 15 years older or so.

Him: So what. She’s hot.

Me: Hayden!

Him: No, she’s hot-hot.

Me: What’s the difference?

Him: Hot means pretty. Hot-hot is like your girlfriend.

Me: Well, let’s be nicer and say she’s pretty. That sounds better.

Him: No, she’s hot.

Me: Pretty. Just say pretty.

Him: Okaaaaaaay…she’s pretty hot.