Birthday shopping.

I usually enjoy this, especially if it’s for my sisters or a friend. Not a difficult thing, and I love the wrapping just as much.

Shopping for Greg is a different story. I did just that last week, hoping to get him something special instead of the usual shirt or visor. So, I decided on a watch. Or a hubcap, as my brother-in-law calls it.

Thinking it shouldn’t take too long, I grabbed the kids and headed to the store, the one where they offer you a beverage because those few steps from the parking lot to the door must have been grueling. I reminded my youngest to not touch the glass, even though jewelry cases are an invitation for handprints and noses. And then it happened. We were soon greeted by a lady, who in turn, was greeted by my 5-year-old:

Hayden: Hi, it’s my Dad’s birthday.

Lady: It is? Well, are you going to get him a cake?

Hayden: No. A watch.

Lady: What a nice idea!

Hayden: We just got back from Disney World.

Lady: That sounds like fun!

Hayden: And I know where boogers come from.

NOTE: We did NOT buy here.