I am speaking to a group of 60 girls with Girls, Inc. this morning.

The girls are between the ages of 5 and 15, and would like to hear about my role in the media. A role that may not have seemed likely early on. I began college as an undecided major, hoping something of long-term interest would slap me in the face as I plowed my way through Algebra 101. And as much as I tried, my love for the belly-dancing costume as a pre-teen didn’t seem to fit any college degree.

As a child, I was shy and would occasionally stutter. Not exactly popular criteria for a radio career. That later changed, and my sisters would agree that I had no problem gorging them with stories about school and the neighbor down the street, nor did I have trouble giving them zero opportunities to chime in at the dinner table.

In a nutshell, I talked.

A lot.

So maybe it’s fitting that I talk for a living. I enjoy coming in to work each day, though not necessarily getting up when most are just getting in to their REM sleep. The snooze button and I are tight, as I have grown accustomed to tapping it repeatedly each day. It’s certainly a sign that you love your job when you look forward to returning after being away for a week. I leave each day with a feeling of fulfillment. And that’s satisfying.

My message to the girls will be to choose something they love as they make decisions for their future. When you do, life is that much more enjoyable.

Then again, there’s always belly-dancing.