Back from vacation.

We went to Florida, and once again road-tripped it, ‘building memories’ as my husband says. Along the way, I discovered a new Top 10 list. This one being the…

Top 10 Rules That Apply on Vacation:

10. Those DO NOT DISTURB signs are in your room for a reason. Otherwise, be prepared to hear ‘Housekeeping‘ from an unfamiliar voice at 7:45 am.

9. If the boys went swimming, chlorine suddenly passes for a shower.

8. When your husband asks you to drive so he can sleep, he really means you need to drive while he asks you every ten minutes ‘if you’re okay to drive.’

7. And at 2 am, you will feel a sense of deja vu when you respond, ‘Yes, quit asking,’ over and over again.

6. Expect to be clocked by a football while reading People magazine in the hot tub. The magazine, by the way, was drenched and didn’t survive.

5. Consider it par for the course when your 5-year-old comments that ‘Goofy’s got big privates’ after his photo opp with the Disney character.

4. Ignore #5 to the best of your ability.

3. Be prepared to hear someone, in my case…my husband, say all the way home: ‘This time last week, we were…’ (Fill in the blank.) He will do this for the next 7 days.

2. Order one of those photos the park takes as you’re about to plummet down a hill of a heart-palpitating roller coaster. The photo will be one to remember, especially if you’re oldest is flexing his guns.

1. Take lots of photos and look forward to the next family vacation. And cross your fingers the next one is without Goofy.