Each of us on the show had the chance to take the Indy 500 pace car home for a night, where I immediately heard, ‘Mom, are YOU in the race?‘ Okay, he’s five, but still…maybe I need to slow down a bit while running errands with my little guy.

Join us for our annual Breakfast at the Brickyard broadcast raceday morning from 7 am-noon.

We’ll be talking to Jim Nabors, Florence Henderson, the Pacers Jeff Foster, the entire Penske racing team, including Helio Castroneves, Jewel…who is singing the National Anthem, and more. One of my faves will be chatting up the ‘milk guy,’ the person who handles the cold bottle of milk presented to the winning driver in Victory Circle. Who would’ve thought the drivers are given a choice of 2%, skim or whole? We plan to ask the milk guy to do us a special favor when he’s standing next to the new winner of the Indy 500.

Stay tuned.