Some have asked, others may have noticed, but my posting hasn’t been as often as I’d done in the past.

Not by choice. And not my permanent plan, though someone pulled the busy lever in our home, leaving me barely any time to write. Or even log on to my laptop, for that matter.

Just a note to say things should change in the very near future. Greg and I realized two months ago that our schedule was about to get very hectic, due to a change in his job and Hayden’s new school hours, and we learned the meaning of ‘juggle’ in a whole new way. Throw in BOTH boys playing baseball, and I’m lucky if they end up at the diamond not wearing the other one’s socks and heaven forbid, me wearing a cup. It’s that crazy.

Sanity is in sight, however, with school out in two weeks. And a big thanks to my mom, Greg’s Dad and my sister Kristen, who helped us cover the days Hayden wasn’t in school. I’m sure his Elvis impersonations alone kept you entertained. Again, thank you.

Thank you very muuuuuuuch.