Talked to Martina McBride today. She’s the combination of sweet and funny with a hint of mysterious up her sleeve.

Here’s what we learned:

Martina is the disciplinarian in her home. Her hubby’s ‘a softie,’ according to Martina. Can’t blame him with three girls.

Curfew for her oldest daughter, who has a learner’s permit, is 10:30 pm.

Martina is not a crafty, sewing-type, but she likes going to movies.

She’s a twitter gal. Says she enjoys tweeting to keep fans up to date on her ‘mundane life.’

Martina isn’t afraid of a pulling off a little prank. She recently pranked Trace Adkins during his performance of Honkytonk Badonkadonk, wearing a big ‘ol fake booty on stage.

Check it out here.

And that’s five.