Love my co-hosts.

Sort of the brothers I never had. And like brothers, they can drive me crazy on occasion. Take Friday night, for example. The three of us made an appearance at Victory Field, to lead the crowd in singing ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame.‘ Greg and the boys joined us for the game, and Kevin was nice enough to entertain the kids as he always does.

My 5-year-old talked to Kev about anything and everything that came to mind, including the baseball game he would be playing the following morning at 8 am, the eyeblack he would wear and the stance he would use if put in the catcher’s position.

The kid loves baseball.

Kevin took the opportunity to share some advice, which we later discovered. Here’s what happened when we arrived home:

Me: Hayden, let’s brush your teeth and get your pj’s on. It’s time for bed…you’ve got a game in the morning.

Hayden: But, I’m not wearing pj’s.

Me: Actually, you are.

Hayden: No, I’m not. Kevin said I didn’t have to.

Me: Kevin said what?

Hayden: Kevin said. He told me I should sleep in my baseball uniform, since I have to get up real early.

Me: WHAT? When did he tell you that?

Hayden: Tonight. He also said I probably shouldn’t sleep in my bed.

Me: Oh, really? Where did he suggest you sleep?

Hayden: The car. That way Dad just has to drive me there.

Me: (Under my breath) I’m gonna kill him.

Hayden: (Now in tears) Please, Mom? Can I sleep in my uniform?

Me: No, you cannot. I’m pretty sure Kevin was teasing.

Hayden: (Tired, and now throwing a fit.) Kevin told me to!

Greg: Tell Kevin I said, ‘Thank you!’

I’ll get Kevin back, you can count on it. Hayden eventually caved after ten minutes and wore his pj’s.

And Kevin laughed all the way home.