Been another whirlwind of a week, and I’m hoping things slow down soon or I just might need some time-management therapy. I’ll be posting photos and vids of our time in Vegas for the Academy of Country Music Awards, and sharing the highs (and lows) of our trip that resulted in many laughs. And when I say lows, think three guys in one room awakened by housekeeping at midnight.

We learned all kinds of things, like what Gretchen Wilson keeps in her purse, what Carrie REALLY wears under those short skirts, and where Jason Aldean likes to shop. Plus, what producer Gator wears on his wrist at the pool (we unanimously agreed it is NOT a good look), why Jim got flipped the bird, why Deb asked for a wake-up call when she wasn’t IN her hotel room, and what Kev discovered at the baggage claim.

Gonna catch up on sleep tonight, and I promise to fill you in tomorrow.

Until then, here’s our chat with Carrie: