Carrie Underwood hits the stage at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indy tonight. Looking forward to the show, as Carrie always seems to nail every note in her songs. Hard to believe she went undiscovered during those years prior to Idol.

Meanwhile, here are the top 6 things we learned about Carrie when she recently stopped by the show:

She won’t have a traditional wedding cake when she ties the knot with fiance’ Mike Fisher. Though she says she’s a traditional person, she plans to go the popular cupcake route.

Those cupcakes will be created by the wife of one Carrie’s bandmates. Carrie says they taste ‘amazing.’

Carrie thinks the process of selecting a bridal party of bridesmaids/groomsmen is somewhat political. ‘You don’t wanna hurt anybody’s feelings.’ So true. If you ask this person, you’ve gotta ask that person, etc, then suddenly, its hello snowball effect.

Carrie will NOT be singing to Mike at their wedding. Who wants to ‘work’ on their wedding day?

Carrie couldn’t tell us if she gets recognized in fast-food drive-thrus, telling us, ‘I don’t eat fast food.’ The girl has some willpower.

Carrie says she drives Mike’s pickup truck when she’s visiting him, but admits to having trouble parking it because of its size.

And that’s six.