Yep, my computer still works.

It’s just that Spring Break hit on two separate weeks in my family. One school break was last week, one is currently this week, the hubby started a new job that he loves, and we’re pulling quite a balancing act with the help of some family members that we owe a big thanks.

But, it’s working. As a result, my usual naps to catch up on my early morning hours didn’t make the priority list and unfortunately, neither did my writing on this blog.

Nevertheless, here we go.

I took advantage of the boys extra time off to get in a visit with a new pediatric dentist. To me, pediatric means warm and fuzzy, but the word dentist tends to freak out young children, and mine are not exempt from thoughts of horror. So, I heard the usual, such as:

I don’t wanna go.

What’s she gonna do?

Does it involve needles?

You have to, just a cleaning, and no, I answered, telling them to hop in the car before momma gets charged a late fee. And off we went. We found ourselves sitting in the waiting room for their names to be called, when a hygienist pushed open the door and the following conversation took place:

Hygienist: Josh’s mom?

Josh’s mom: Yes?

Hygienist: He’s all done.

Josh’s mom: Is he still…ALIVE?

Hygienist: (Laughing) Oh yes, but he fought us tooth and nail…hee hee…We had to hold his arms down the entire time.

That’s probably when both boys looked at me wide-eyed, as if they’d just seen Grandma naked, and I spent the next ten minutes talking them out of bolting for the door.

Good times.