Been a crazy week. Cuh-razy. One of those when you question what day of the week it is and really don’t care if you fall asleep with your clothes ON.

So that explains my lack of posts.

And then there was the girl at the drive-thru window. Running some errands tonight, I decided to bop through a place that years ago sold frozen chocolate-covered bananas. Used to be a favorite for my Dad and I, so I pulled up to the speaker. And I’m not kidding, the following conversation is what followed:

Female: Hi, can I help you?

Me: Yes, well…maybe. Do you still have your frozen bananas?

Female: Do we still have…what?

Me: Frozen chocolate-covered bananas.

Female: We have bananas.

Me: Yeah, but…are they frozen?

Female: Um, I’m not sure.

Me: Are they on a stick? You know, frozen on a stick?

Female: Oh no. Not on a stick. But, we could put it on one.

Me: But, it’s not frozen!

Female: Ummmmmm…

Me: Ummm…

Female: So, do you want one?

Me: I think I’ll pass.

And I drove away. Oddest conversation I’ve had in possibly…EVER.