Brad Paisley is quite the pancake designer? (See Brad’s cakes, above.) His wife, Kimberly, says he can make just about any shape, including the dinosaurs often requested by his oldest son, Huck. Sounds like he has a second career to fall back on if this music thing doesn’t work out.

Hillary Scott of Lady Antebellum wasn’t good enough for American Idol? Hillary tells us she tried out twice, and never made it past the first round. Ouch. Now she has a couple of #1 songs under her belt. Take that, Idol.

Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry has to text AND call, because he ‘can’t spell worth crap?‘ No one can understand what he’s trying to say, so he follows up a text with a phone call.

Carrie Underwood didn’t do many family vacations? Carrie told us of the time she asked her dad to stop for something to eat due to major hunger pains, and her dad refused, assuming she was just being a ‘silly girl.’ What’d that silly girl do next? She threw up. I told Carrie to pack some chips next time, and she said ‘There was no NEXT time.’

Taylor Swift recently talked coffee with us, saying she loves her morning java. But, she doesn’t need that fancy stuff. ‘Just two Sweet N’ Lows,’ is all it takes to make her happy.

And there you have it.