My 8-year-old had his annual physical today.

Should have been uneventful, but I had my never-quiet 5-year-old in attendance. And no, I don’t think it’s a big deal that I offered Griffin an ice cream cone in exchange for getting a vaccination shot, for the mere fact that Momma wanted some ice cream.

Oh yeah, and he didn’t even wince.

We would have been in and out, barely noticed even, if it weren’t for the giggles of the nurse and laughter from the pediatrician, who commented that Hayden will someday work for Saturday Night Live.

So true, as the little guy walked with me into Griff’s school earlier to pick him up, and he shouted in the hall…

‘Hey Griff, you’re going to the doctor. And you have to get NAK-ED! And wear an itchy paper gown! And you know what else? The doctor is gonna look at your PRIVATES!’

Griff couldn’t cover his brother’s mouth fast enough, then asked me why I had to bring him.

At least it’s never boring. And I mean…NEVER.