A couple of days ago, my youngest asked his Dad if we could get a new dog.

New, as in addition to the one we already have. Some people have multiple pets, but we aren’t exactly a two-dog family. Things are hectic enough, so why add more dog hair to the equation? I mean, there’s only so much time in the day that Greg can Swiffer. So, my husband attempted to remind our five-year-old that our black lab Darby is the best pet we could ask for, and why get another?

Then came an unexpected response.

‘Well, couldn’t we just trade her in for a new one?’

Glad to know she’ll be missed. Greg used the moment to explain that we don’t just get rid of things for something shiny and new, or in this case, younger and smaller. He explained to both boys that Darby is a member of our family, and we can’t give up on her just because she’s a little older and lays around more. ‘How would you feel if Mom and I traded you in for a couple of new kids?’

Two sets of eyes from two little boys suddenly grew larger and I had to keep myself from giggling as their mouths dropped open.

Of course, they didn’t like that idea, but I think they got the message as there has been no mention of a new dog in days.

Make no mistake, this theory does not apply to purses.