The Olympics.

The games have replaced some of the usual kids tv programming in our home. No more Drake & Josh or America’s Funniest Videos. At least for a few more days. Not that I’m complaining.

So, as we watched men’s hockey a couple of nights ago, my youngest announced that he was rooting for the ‘Red Leafs.’


Assuming he was talking about Canada, I tried to tell him their actual team name and this is how that conversation panned out:

Me: You mean Canada?

Him: No, I mean the red leafs.

Me: Yeah, I know, but they are called Canada. They wear the red leaves on their uniforms.

Him: Nuh-uh. Sorry. You’re wrong. They’re the red leafs.

Me: You’re right, sweetie, but they are called Canada. Can you say that? Can-a-da.

Him: I could. But, why would I if they’re the Red Leafs?

And as parents, we sometimes pick our battles. Red leafs, it is.

Cool, eh?