Lady Antebellum will make a return trip to the show in the next few days.

Along with Jimmy Wayne, and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, who is on hand for the Super Bowl festivities in Miami this week and calling the studio tomorrow morning. And we now have our very own Super Bowl cheer, sort of a response to the Saints ‘Who Dat’ nonsense, so listen tomorrow morning for its debut.

Meanwhile, as I drove home from work this week, I did the tango with a small tree limb, log, or thingymajig, in the slow lane on 465. Not sure if the debris fell from a truck, but there was no time to swerve, and eventually I was all…brace yourself, Deb, and soon after, I heard a thud and was all…this can’t be good. Hearing my car drag the debris down the highway certainly wasn’t comforting, so I pulled over at the nearest exit, only to find the log impaled in my grill. I’ve seen a lot of ridiculous-looking hood ornaments, but this was just silly.

So, I drove home looking like I was leading some kind of tree parade, only to hear my husband who doesn’t leave so much as a straw wrapper in his nice, orderly car say, ‘What’d you do?’

Of course, I tried the popular, ‘I have good news and I have bad news’ psychology, but that worked as well as getting my 5-year-old to take a nap, so no dice. And ‘a log got stuck in my car’ just didn’t sound legit.

But, that’s my story.