If guys meet for lunch, it’s a lunch.

If girls meet for lunch, it’s an afternoon that just happens to involve eating. My husband doesn’t get how two women can meet over soup and salad and talk for nearly three hours.

But, we can. And do.

I met an old friend today, and time escaped us as we shared stories, and laughed about how some things never change. Like the fact that I still run late and tend to be more than slightly forgetful. I’m sure we could have chatted another two hours if it weren’t for, well, life and responsibilities, like picking our kids up from school and thawing something for dinner while secretly wanting to serve everyone Ore Ida fries and frozen nuggets.

Surely, men could come up with something worth discussing for longer than it takes to eat a sandwich. So, maybe it’s that they secretly want to join us. Or maybe they’ve figured out that we’re talking about…gulp…them.

Or maybe they fear that they actually. might. enjoy it.

I’m going with all three.