My 3rd-grader is the VIP student of the week in his class.

It’s a fun way to learn more about their classmates, with a student featured throughout the week and various photos since birth and special toys from home on display. Festivities include the child’s parents bringing them lunch one day, and writing them a letter or poem that is read to the class. Hey, adults should adopt this esteem-building concept, don’t you think?

So, today is ‘letter day.’ Here’s mine:


He loves to play sports, and video games.

Playstation or Wii, on days that it rains.

He loves to eat chicken, or chocolate or rice.

And we think that he’s thoughtful, helpful and nice.

Griff runs really fast, and likes Spongebob, too.

He loves to read books and the color of blue.

He laughs at his brother, and dances real well,

With a scar on his ankle from when he once fell.

He eats chili, and corn dogs and ice cream bars…yum.

He likes to trick people by ‘removing his thumb.’

He loves his dog, Darby, a black lab who is sweet,

And she keeps Griffin warm when she lays on his feet.

Griff likes books about football, and plays a guitar.

He is good at word searches and sings in the car.

He loves having braces and can be really funny,

And his coach on the field likes to call him ‘G Money.’

We’re lucky to have him, he’s one of a kind.

He’s a good friend to others and we have a good time.

He makes us real proud and we know he’ll go far.

Griffin…we love you and we think you’re a star!