…I lost my charger.

What is the deal?

I’m always losing something. My keys, my cell, my insurance card, my sanity. I just hit SEND on an email to the staff here at the radio station, asking if anyone’s seen the cell charger I left in the studio yesterday. It was plugged into the wall, and I even reminded myself as I ended my shift not to forget to take it with me. Obviously, those little reminders do me no good, except for succeeding in making others think I talk to myself.

Ok, I do that, too.

I know for a fact that I left my charger at work yesterday morning. Overnight, it grew legs. Someone, with good intentions, I’m sure, has moved it. I have spent most of my morning searching for it, on desks, mailboxes, etc, and nothing. Though, I have discovered a pack of peanut-butter crackers I never ate, and a half-eaten bag of cough drops in my desk. Might come in handy one day.

It’s about as frustrating as the day I went to Starbucks, prepared to use my new gift card that I suddenly couldn’t find when I got to the window. Of course, it magically appeared in the bottom of my purse once I pulled away. Moments like these drive me batty. By the way, my cell is now dead. So, the hunt for the charger continues.

Happy Wednesday.