Today was a small shock to the system.

After staying up until midnight or later during break, and sleeping an abnormal 8-10 hours each night, 3 am was an abrupt slap in the face this morning.

Not helping one iota was falling asleep at 11:30 pm, only to be awakened by our 5-year-old at 12:05 am. But, as a friend of mine often says, ‘Those are the breaks.‘ My co-worker, Kevin, commented on my bloodshot eyes, as we all tried to remember how we even do things at work, what buttons we push, who are we and why are we here, and what passwords we use to check e-mail.

It’s amazing how two weeks off feels so foreign, how I missed my favorite Starbucks baristas near work, and how hearing Jim and Kevin use the same jokes in 2010 that they rattled off in 2009 made me feel at home all over again. How telling Jim he has headphone hair still makes him cringe, and how Kevin still immediately opens the blinds upon walking into the studio. I can count on it like I can count on my youngest asking me for chewing gum a minimum of ten times a day.

Some things never change.

Our first day back also came with some mystery, like who put the fancy girly soap in the women’s bathroom at work, why Kevin seems to have an endless supply of peanut butter crackers, and who really eats those plastic-wrapped boiled eggs in the refrigerator at Walgreens?

Of course, I missed my family after sharing some good times over break, like playing Wii and becoming a fan of the show Extreme Pigouts, seeing the boys in their pj’s at 3 pm, and making trips to Starbucks for hot chocolate or touring the Christmas lights, yet my work family sure makes work seem like fun. So, here’s to another great year.

Old jokes and all.