Most of my friends and family have made resolutions for the new year.

I used to.

Problem is, I never really keep ’em. I’ve had good intentions, of course, but that promise I made to myself back in ’07 to not eat the entire basket of tortilla chips at authentic mexican restaurants lasted until about February. Promise broken. Almost as fast as it took me to break the promise I made to myself to skip walking into Starbucks on a daily basis. So, I found one with a drive-thru.

Promise broken or clever self-deceit?

Who cares, right? I’m happier for it, just as others love a good bargain, or getting a massage. So, when asked what I’m resolving for the next 365 days, I don’t really know, specifically. I can think of a list of things I’d like to improve:

Leave for work earlier, which would require getting out of bed sooner.

Become more organized.

Go to the doctor at least once every couple of years.

Read more books.

Learn how to play that guitar.

Entertain more.

Have more patience.

Make friends with the treadmill.

Archive the 500+ photos on my cellphone.

And on and on and on. In a nutshell, what I’d really like to do, or promise myself, I’m not sure has a name. I want to live life, really live it, enjoy it to its core, not feel rushed from one place to the next, spend more time with great friends, and take on new endeavors.

What do you call THAT?

Without a doubt, it’s been a challenging year and a half. One that taught me a lot about myself. It proved I can endure, laugh, love and as a very dear friend always says, believe. So, I resolve to learn what life is really all about. And the best way to know is to go live it.

So, here’s to 2010. Or as my five-year-old says…

‘Bring it.’